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SHOW helps you with diagnostic microscopy

Because microscopy can change your practice

I need

  • A scientific and early diagnosis

    • Quantifying microbial morphotypes

    • Detecting changes in the flora previous to damage

    • Evaluating the success of treatment before the slow disappearance of inflammation or the closure of periodontal pockets

  • A quick and cheap method

    • Personalizing the treatment during the visit

    • Checking several sites at each visit

  • Without external intervention

    • The team is independent and competent

    • The test can be repeated if needed (doubt, error...)

    • No additional cost for the patient

Interest for other specialties

  • Check the infectious state of the mouth

    • Pre-orthodontics (prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis)​

    • Pre-implantology (prevention of mucositis and peri-implantitis)

    • Pre-surgery (cardiology...)

    • When suspecting diabetes

    • During pregnancy

Our training

  • Theory​​

    • Microbiology​

    • Microscopy

  • Workshop

    • Use and adjust the microscope​

    • Take and analyze samples

  • Objectives​​​

    • An autonomous and competent clinic

    • A reproducible and efficient diagnosis

    • A substantial help for treatment

  • In a few words​

    • A day of training (adjustable according to your needs)​

    • In your clinic, with your material

    • For one person or the whole clinic

I need a microscope

  • We help you choose

    • The brand you need​

    • The model with the idoneus characteristics for your practice

  • We help you install

    • In your clinic

    • New and used materials, hardware/software updates

  • We propose reliable, quality solutions

    • A European brand (​Euromex)

    • Guaranteed (10 years for microscopes, 2 for cameras)

    • Specifications for all needs 

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